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SargesList has done it again! The 2013 Ultimate PCS Guide is here and it is the single most comprehensive PCS resource on the market today even BETTER than last years.

More than 10,000 of you downloaded our 2012 PCS Guide in five short months after it was released in July, 2012. The feedback from military commands, communities and military non-profits was so positive, we decided to update this indispensable resource on a yearly basis so you and your family wont miss a beat while you PCS this year.

Whats the same? Its still absolutely free and itll make your life much easier! Its an all inclusive military PCS guide with time tested tips, worksheets, checklists, and everything else you need to get organized, get going and get settled through your PCS move.

Whats changed? Everything is updated for 2013 and weve added some fantastic new resources and articles from seasoned military spouses with tips about PCSing while pregnant, PCS fitness, PCSing alone and EFM information plus much, much more.

At trusted military classifieds - we are always looking for ways to make your life easier. Whether it is hiring milspouses and veterans directly, helping you save money when you travel, or helping you sell and make some money from things you dont need, is here to sweat the small stuff so that you dont have to.

We hope you review the guide, use and share it personally and professionally, and let us know what you think. Were hoping to help as many military members and families as possible this year and need your help sharing.

Best of luck with your PCS.